Strengthening the entire agricultural value chain

A sufficient food base is an essential prerequisite for efficient social and economic development. Over the years, the group has acquired the expertise to advocate self-sufficiency in the Food and Agro sector by modernizing the agriculture sector. Through Atlantis Africa Agro Ventures, Planet One is empowering small-scale farmers in developing nations and helping Governments meet their food security goals.

Planet One’s solutions have been customized for African Governments to boost crop productivity while providing the latest expertise in advanced farming techniques. We cater to the entire value chain of the agri sector. Our solutions include Farm Management, Crop Improvement, Storage & Production, Training & Technology Support and Market Access.

Our unique value proposition that combines technology with traditional farming techniques has won the wholehearted appeal of Governments and the farming communities they represent.

Our Farm Service Centers serve as a potent vehicle for farmers to step up and achieve their produce targets. These Centers provide them with access to agricultural know-how on modern farming techniques and storage practices. Above all, we provide training and skill development to ensure that farmers have the crop yields to attain the growing food demand.