Addressing clean energy requirements of governments from Middle East to Africa

To fuel economic growth and support its growing population, Africa needs sufficient power. Renewable energy technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the continent’s energy mix. And Planet One Energy develops renewable energy projects to satisfy Africa’s growing needs. We believe that providing reliable and clean energy will help the Government and communities in driving towards self-sustainment and social empowerment.

For the past decade, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift towards renewable energy options such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower. The pursuit of clean energy is a passion that resonates deeply with the Planet One Group. Through Planet One Energy, our goal is to bring electricity to as many Africans as possible, encouraging innovation, and driving economic growth through renewable energy such as solar power. We have helped the rural population have increased access to affordable, sustainable and reliable electricity supply. This has helped the rural community improve their livelihoods through enhanced income generation.

Through Planet One Energy, we have partnered Governments on several renewable energy projects to address their clean energy requirements. These Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects give us an opportunity to augment the energy generation capacity of countries while increasing the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix.

We combine technology and engineering to complete projects that feature large scale grid-connected and off-grid standalone solar power systems. Our renewable energy solutions help governments empower needy citizens who have minimal access to basic electricity.