Unlocking natural resource potential across countries

Mineral commodities provide countries possessing them an advantage in their developmental efforts. These resources can be harnessed as inputs for holistic sustainable development. It is a transformational opportunity to boost economic progress in the nation. However, it’s important to carefully manage nation’s natural resources in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner. This is where Planet One steps in.

Our mining projects ensure that resources serve as a catalyst for sustainable development. At Planet One, we address the natural resource gaps faced by Governments by providing the entire spectrum of solutions – discovery, acquisition, development and finally, marketing of mineral resources. The main highlight is the constant community support that we have achieved over the time.

We have diversified mining projects in various stages of exploration, development and production in Africa.

Our robust international network has helped us market commodities in a competitive and efficient manner. This has helped us become a leading player in international trade of commodities.

A salient feature of our mining projects is the support we extend to local communities. Our social inclusion programs have helped communities that stay close to our projects. We have teamed up with local authorities to ensure that we can deliver lasting social impact in their lives.