At Planet One, we drive our sustainability initiatives by collaborating with Governments and local communities to bring about positive change in nations across the world. For us, sustainability means doing things responsibly in terms of people, the environment and the economy. We believe that the best way to strive for sustainable development is through continuous innovation. Our efforts aimed at sustainability have helped communities in developing nations lead better and more fulfilling lives.

An overview of our initiatives that has created a sustainable progress towards community development:

i. Education

We believe that every human being deserves the chance to get an education. Unfortunately, there are societies around the world with people who have never entered a classroom. Through Planet One Education, we try to reach out to needy communities by collaborating with governments. As part of our sustainable model, we aim to educate and provide them with handy skills that make them self-sustainable to lead a family and contribute to society.

ii. Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy should cater to the growing energy demand in today’s world without falling short for the energy demands of the future. All renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower represent forms of sustainable energy. We are working with Governments to provide them with expertise in fulfilling their renewable energy requirements. Through our solutions, we have been able to provide renewable energy to communities that faced severe energy shortage. We have had a positive impact in environmental preservation by relying on widely available and naturally replenished sources of energy.

iii. Agriculture

Through sustainable agriculture, we ensure that Governments are meeting their food requirements. Our aim is to promote farming practices that are profitable and environmentally viable. By introducing modern agriculture practices, we are helping farmers become self-sustainable through higher crop yields and advanced mechanization.

iv. Natural Resources

We are strongly in support of sustainable usage of natural resources. While pursuing natural resource projects, we are also keeping an eye on ensuring that consumption of natural resources and their impact does not exceed the carrying capacity of the environment. Planet One has been working with local communities near our natural resource projects to protect and enhance the environment.