The zest to create impact globally

Planet One’s philosophy “From Imagination to Impact” has shaped the way we conduct our business across the globe. Our extensive R&D has helped us collaborate with Governments and create new policies to define impactful solutions that benefit communities and stakeholders.

Our strategic alliances with Governments and local bodies are planned with intricate detail. Every service we provide is a long-term endeavour that involves significant investment in infrastructure, talent and technology. We have introduced innovation to implement solutions that achieve real-time results in creating positive impact toward nation-building.

Through each project, we are not just bringing positive societal impact but also generating positive ROI for all stakeholders involved – from the Government and other strategic partners to members of the local community.

Our end-to-end approach has helped us win Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects that have nation-wide impact. This business model has helped us excel in projects focused on Education, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Our solutions have helped communities lead enhanced lives, providing Governments with the necessary impetus to strive for societal excellence.

Currently, our projects are based in Africa and the Middle East. We are also expanding our horizon to other regions where there is scope to provide solutions that offer maximum societal impact.

Our Core Competencies

Transforming Nations Globally